Massive Update

Well, hmmm….

First, I hate CANCELLATIONS! I know, it’s part of the game. The good news is I had a bunch of free time today so I decided to do a massive update to this website! I added sections for Shibari and Suspension, Water, Fine Art Nude and Special Concepts. It’s been several years since I’ve updated the site, and prior to today, it was mostly work I had shot when I was living in Washington State. Now it’s got a ton of updates with lovely ladies from Colorado as well. Been a long time coming, but happy to say that it’s done! Now I just have to keep it updated :)


OK, so I'm not much of a writer, but I suppose I could get a few things down in type.  First of all, thanks for stopping by.  I am having such a wonderful time meeting new people to work with and capturing so absolutely gorgeous images.  This past summer in Colorado has been nothing short of gorgeous, and it's allowed me to get some new, unique work under my belt.  Very much looking forward to working with all of the beauty this world has to offer!  If you have an idea for a shoot, please contact me at !